Welcome to the Journey.

You wrote your first children's book.

You are closer to publishing than you've ever been in your life.
The next step to making your dream become a reality is the editing process. Heidi Cook customizes a plan for each children's book manuscript entrusted to her. 

Heidi has the goal of maintaining your voice, message, and vision.
She has a specialized editing process that begins with Story Development Package and ends with final edits. When the process is complete, you will have the confidence needed to move your project forward.

Story Development Package

Complete Book Evaluation

  • Plot Power: identification of story gaps that prevent reader satisfaction
  • Character Development: evaluation and assessment of character identity and relatability
  • Consistency and Cadence: analysis of manuscript for simplicity, flow, and readability, whether in rhyme or not

Revision and Editing Plan

  • Boredom Breaker: 7-point story plan for maximum effect, fluid story flow, and reader fulfillment
  • Marketing Makeover:  message and market match recommendations for laser target appeal
  • Editor's Edition: transforms your manuscript into an editor-ready story to minimize the overall cost of editing

Comprehensive Consultation

  • Clear and Candid: 30 minutes of personalized coaching designed to create a clear path to publishing
  • Purposeful Plan:  detailed, yet simple plan for necessary story additions to reduce editing time and expense
  • Individualized Author's Journey: the proper path to get your book ready for publication, sale, and reader enjoyment

What if you feel you don't need the Story Development Package?

If you were to pay for editing by the hour for Heidi's specialized editing process, the cost would be significantly higher. This package allows you to give your story what it needs without excess cost.

What if you don't want the Story Development Package?

This package is required for all manuscripts submitted.
This is the starting place for Heidi's editing.

If Heidi determines you do not need developmental editing, your fee (minus the initial evaluation time) will be applied to your hourly editing invoice. 

Here are two scenarios:

Story A: This manuscript has a memorable main character, but the story arc is missing key elements. Heidi will pinpoint exactly what is missing and will give guidance for completion, along with examples of possible events geared toward the author's market. The author will make the needed revisions. Then the manuscript will be re-evaluated and an estimated time for editing will be made.
Without revisions being done by the author, this manuscript would require significant portions of the story to be ghostwritten at $299/hour.

Story B: This manuscript has memorable characters and a complete and distinct story arc. No story revisions are necessary. The story is written in rhyme. There are a few areas that need adjusting to make the cadence and rhythm flow properly. This manuscript is ready for editing.
The Story Development Package fee (minus the initial evaluation) will be applied to the hourly rate for editing.

This process makes rhyming and non-rhyming stories the best they can be.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting your manuscript in the form below.

Submission of manuscript does not oblige you to purchase editing, 
but is necessary to inquire to begin the process.

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